Who are we

Great British Meatbox is a family run meat delivery service based in rural Herefordshire



Russell ran a successful landscape and garden design business in Herefordshire for 10 years before taking the decision to dedicate his energies into running the family farm alongside his parents Janet and Clive.


Clive & Janet

Janet’s parents have been farmers in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside for several generations and Clive’s family has been at Winnal Court since the early 1900’s.

Our History

Since joining his parents in the running of the farm, Russell has overseen some exciting diversification projects and the Great British Meatbox is the culmination of much careful research and detailed planning and requests from friends and neighbours wishing to buy locally produced high quality meat.

The family runs two farms totalling 320 acres in South-West Herefordshire, farming cattle, sheep and crops.

Lambing season begins in January, continuing though to March with the sheep fed on home produced fodder. When demand outstrips supply, small lambs are sourced from both Hereford and local Welsh markets to be fattened on the lush green grass on the farm.

The cattle are sourced as 6 month old calves from Sennybridge and Knighton markets. The cattle have been raised on Welsh hill farms and are brought to our low land farm to be fed on home produced food.

We produce our own high quality nutritional food for the cattle, sometimes supplemented by a trusted animal feed supplier.

Whilst producing our own high quality animal food, we take the utmost care to preserve the natural beauty of the local countryside, with many different bird, butterfly and wild flower species regularly seen on the farm.